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What is an MOT?

A compulsory annual test of motor vehicles of more than a specified age.  It is required by law.

When to take MOT test?
MOT test should be taken by cars over 3 years old

Why take MOT test?
You should take the MOT test to have an MOT certificate. MOT certificate is a legal requirement for all UK cars

Where to take MOT?
You can bring your car to car garages that are authorized to perform the MOT test. Please look for the following logo to be sure you are dealing with a reputable and authorised establishment.

MOT Test Centre Located:
817-823 Lea Bridge Road, Walthamstow, London E17 9DS. 
Call:  020 8521 1882

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FREE MOT with every full service.

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what we offer

  • Used car sales
  • Used car finance and extended warranty
  • MOT Testing
  • Car servicing
  • Car electronic diagnostics
  • New and part-worn tyres
  • Bodywork repairs
  • Tyre and exhaust checks
  • Brake checks
  • Laser wheel tracking and alignment
  • Auto electrical checks
  • Battery and lights check
  • Clutch and gearbox repairs and overhauls
  • Air conditioning recharge



Here at Driving Force, we have the tools and expertise at our disposal to tackle all types of car services, maintenance, and repairs for any style of vehicle. Throughout the decades weíve accumulated a vast reservoir of not only knowledge, but connections within the industry. There is almost no car problem we canít set right in a reasonable amount of time. Furthermore, we stand by and are proud to offer guarantees on all of our work.

The mechanics we employ are well experienced, equipped, and certified so guesswork isnít part of the service offered at Driving Force. Unlike some of our less seasoned competitors, we make sure that none of your hard earned money is wasted replacing parts that are otherwise working just fine. We do this by performing thorough diagnostics, and when necessary, faultfinding missions within the engine or electrical work to reveal the exact problem.

With our Pick up and Delivery system servicing East London, there is simply no reason why your busy schedule should be messed with, let MOT take care of everything.

Give us a try, and when you drive one of our vehicles, or a car after its been repaired or serviced by us, cruise with a mind at ease, because a breakdown isnít in the cards. If you have any questions, please Contact us soon. We look forward to being of service.


Driving Force mechanics are trained to work on Classic cars to Modern day cars.  Don't worry.  We have years of experience behind us.

Our workshops are equipped with the latest ramps, diagmostics and testing equipment.  We offer a quick and courteous service.  Get in touch today.

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